Thursday, February 4, 2010

You're Leaking!!

Not too long ago, my best buddy Jason and I went to Bangsar for lunch. To solve the frantic search for a parking space we decided to park at Bangsar Village instead and since it was still 11am it wasn't a problem finding an empty lot.

We happily parked our car and was walking towards the exit. About 100 metres from where we were, I saw something that caught my attention, a couple walking in the opposite direction, very loving and clingy. Well that wasn't that interesting to watch, what actually caught my attention was the little paperback that the guy was carrying, no it wasn't unique or pretty or good to look at or anything like that but the interesting factor was leaking.

Whatever that was in there is obviously not meant to be carried the way he was carrying it, he was happily swinging the paperback as though he wasn't aware what's in it.

As we approached, I pointed to his paperback and said "Excuse me, you're leaking", he peaked into his paperback and exclaimed "Oh shit!!". It was his coffee that was spilling all the way from the entrance/exit to where we were and it's about 50 metres. Oh well, at least he only lost half a cup of coffee and he can still see his cup half full and not half empty.

I mean, really if you know you are carrying liqiud that could possibly spill why on earth are you swinging your paperback??

Jason then pointed out "Did you know, you just told him that he was leaking" hahahaha I know I realized how wrong that sounded, but that didn't seem to bother him though.

Note to self :
If you are taking your coffee/tea or whatever drinks on the go. Hold them with your hands and not in a paperback or bag or whatever that could make it spill.