Thursday, January 28, 2010

The return....will it be for good??

I have been missing for almost a year now, a lot has happened in the past 11 months and now I'm finally back. Just imagine I started this blog same time last year and it went well till March and I went missing. Now I'm back!! I hope I can continue with it till end of the year hehehe....

Let me just fill in some insights of what happened in the past 11 months....I quit my job and started my own company. I work from home and I spend more time with Sparkle. If you have forgotten who Sparkle is, she is my doggie, my best friend and my daughter. Business is doing fine and I'm able to sustain. I have great clients, they are aware I'm operating from home and they are very supportive.

We visited Melbourne and Adelaide in December. It was more like our 4th wedding anniversary, my hubby's bday, our long awaited honeymoon and my sisters' graduation. It was a all-in-one trip. We had super fun, I'll leave our story about our trip for another day.

I received a good news yesterday, our house we bought in Seri Kembangan will be ready for us to move in just before CNY. Anyways, we've heard this before throughout the year last year. It's always before this and before that but it never happens. But this time, the developer is pretty sure it's ready.

When I move I'll be missing my good neighbours, my next door neighbour Jacyn that we rarely meet but always chat on msn. Ahh yes, we are neighbours and we meet on msn more often that in flesh....hehehe...I now have a new neighbour in the opposite unit. They moved in about a month ago but only saw Ric twice and last Tuesday we managed to exchange more than a Hi. Which is good and now we are chatting on

I got myself busy with cleaning and packing all excited to move to my new house!! Yippee!! I just hope it's not another let down.

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