Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bamboo and Wooden Chicks?

We were at the traffic lights on Jalan Pudu and took the opportunity to check out all the dodgy looking hotels along the road. What caught our eyes was the shop (pic above). They sell Bamboo and Wooden Chicks, what on earth is that? Seriously, what do they actually sell? If anyone could read mandarin please do translate it for us.

For one moment, someone in the car suggested they are probably selling blow-up dolls made out of wood and another asked "wouldn't that cause splinters?", "Oh, no said the other. It's eco-friendly and made out of good splinter-free wood". Yeah, we had a good laugh as we drove past.

What ever Mr. Thye Fah Liki is selling surely got us interested. Unfortunately, the number on the sign board is old...hmm...perhaps I could call up TM tomorrow and get the latest number just to find out what do they sell.

Oh, could it be the bamboo mannequin chicks? You know those that tailors use to model their clothes, this is used way before plastic mannequins were invented.
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  1. this is a reply from a friend of mine :i dunno why they call it chicks, from the chinese words it says "premium bamboo & wooden blind". the traditional ones you find at some old shop lot...:

    "Chicks" is just another name for blinds in those days!!..hehehe