Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chicken Mcdreamy

I have been missing for some time now, not only have I been busy at work but I've been busy at home too...watching NCIS....hehehe...

Anyways, upon popular demand I am back to revive my blog ever so energized as before.

So, here's my story......

Last Tuesday I was on leave not because I wanted a day off, only because I had to clear my last year's leave balance.

Staying home, I had planned my whole day through and as usual I never follow my plans. I planned to go for my sewing class instead I stayed home and started sewing my shirt. I figured why should I waste my class hours by doing something I already know at class when I can do it at home. And so I did and of course I can't finish everything in a day. When it's done I'll post a pic of my shirt in the blog.

I was also supposed to go do a minor grocery shopping so I could prepare something for dinner and breakfast the next day. I lost track of time and didn't manage to do any of those. I only had chicken meat in the freezer and no vegies.

I figured, if I could make something out of what I have at home I could salvage it with some chapaties, no need for vegies.

I happily thawed the meat and while waiting for it to be thawed I continued with my sewing. What an irony, my hubby surprised me with chapaties and dhal and so I decided I could just marinate the chicken for the next day, as the chicken is already being thawed. I can't be throwing it back into the freezer now can I?

Since, he didn't tell me that he'll be buying dinner, he assumed that I would have cooked dinner and so, he only bought 4 chapaties with just dhal and no meat dish.

An hour after having the chapaties, he was hungry again. By then, I was too lazy to go by my plan instead I whipped out something out of the ordinary. I made Chicken Mcdreamy...errr I didn't give that name though..

I strained my well thawed chicken, checked the fridge for anything that I could salvage for the marination and found yoghurt not much about 2 tablespoons of it. I also found garam masala, not in the fridge but in my cabinet with the rest of the stock I keep in there. No dish is good without some chilli powder and of course onions. Onions because I was already soaking it in the water much earlier to soften the skins so it's easier to peel.

I was just too lazy to stand cook and so I marinated the chicken with all the ingredients I found and threw it in my bread pan...too lazy to get a proper pan....who cares anyways what pan I use as long as I have cooked some food to eat. And Oh! Don't forget to add salt!!

I cut the onions and stirred it in with the chicken, covered the chicken with aluminium foil and baked the chicken for 20 minutes.

Went back to entertaining my husband when I heard the ding. Time to stir the dish and I remembered I have curry leaves. Took a few sprigs, washed them and added them together with the chicken, there I have added some vegies to my chicken and so it's a balance diet. Stir well and I added a little olive oil. Placed the chicken back in the oven and cooked for another 20 minutes.

By then, my hubby was complaining he's getting way too hungry as the smell of the chicken is getting to him. Heard the ding again, this time he came with me hoping to be served. Got him to taste the sauce and he started gasping for air and water. It was way too spicy and he immediately started balance the spicyness I added some milk again stirred the chicken well and placed it back in the oven for another 20 minutes.

I happen to have a very cheapo oven therefore it actually takes that long to finish cooking and now for the third ding. I checked the chicken, it is well cooked and ready to be served. I was forced to taste the sauce this time and lucky me it was just fine.

"What are you gonna call this creation?" asked my hubby, "I donno, haven't thought of a name yet." I said. "Chicken Mcdreamy," he suggested "Don't ask why I thought of that name." And there you are ladies and gentlemen, you have Chicken Mcdreamy named for no apparent reason.

Sorry, no photo...I was just too lazy...maybe I should have just named it Lazy Chicken Mcdreamy....I'm just too lazy to think of a name anyways.

Oh the verdict, "This is an excellent dish," said my hubby "and I want more"


  1. eh.. wassup with this chicken mcdreamy?!

    and you are turning your blog into a cooking blog ar?!

  2. It has always been a cooking blog silly. Haven't you been reading from day one?