Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Food!! Food!! Food!!

I love to cook...simply love to cook...internet is my best friend, I get most of my recipes from the net and I improvise it before cooking...well I don't really have all the ingredients I need so, what the hell...just improvise it.

What to cook tonight is my motto day in and day out...I just found this cool recipe for sesame chicken over the net and guess what!! I'm gonna cook it tonight. It all depends if my hubby loves it...well even if he doesn't it's still gonna go on the blog...

Yeah! I should have started this blog long time ago and it would have been my online scrapbook on all the recipes that I have cooked throughout the many years that I have started cooking...well, it's never too late now is it??Can't wait to go home and cook my new dish tonight....this week is chinese style cooking week...so I'm starting it off with Sesame Chicken (as mentioned earlier)...I hope it's yummy...*keepingfingerscrossed*

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