Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How bizarre are your friends?

Something bizarre happened to me yesterday while leaving office, I was happily leaving on time yesterday…leaving on time is already bizarre enough but something more bizarre happened. As I was waiting at the lift lobby 2 of my other colleagues walked towards me. One asked if I drove today, looking at the fact that I’m holding my car keys. I responded, “Yes, I am” enthusiastically. Then another colleague of mine asked “So, your husband is not picking you up today?” I was stunned with that question, perhaps she didn’t hear my conversation with the other colleague, though she was standing right next to her. Oh well I have to say something “No, I drove today” I replied with puzzled look on my face. Then she said “I thought you normally wait for your husband to pick you up?” “Ya, I drove today” how the hell she expects my husband to pick me up and I drive home at the same time? How bizarre is that? She still wasn’t satisfied as I could notice a puzzled look in her face, still wondering how could I be driving home when my husband is gonna pick me up. Well, I have to leave it to her to figure it out. I’m special, I could drive and have my husband pick me up at the same time.

Anyways, I have finally decided to cook Stir Fry Chicken and Noodles, and this time I must remember to take the recipe with me. I can’t let my car do all the cooking now, can I? I have to purchase some veggies to go with it, so I have to head to the supermarket before leaving home. That’s the good part of working in Shopping Complex, you have everything you need….hehe…

Hmm…I wonder what vegetables would go with this noodle dish, the recipe suggested Celery but I hate Celery. Never mind I’ll think of something, I always do.
I never really had any habit of following the recipe as it is, I always improvise and so, it’s personalized but the problem is I don’t document it and therefore, when I cook the same dish again it tastes different and different and different each time.

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