Sunday, February 15, 2009

Breakfast on Valentines Day

14th February being the lovers day, we had to change our routine a bit to accommodate Sparkle's groomer. Usually, her grooming takes place on Saturday evenings and for yesterday we had to change it to morning. While she was in the salon, we went to temple then we were off to have breakfast.

We used to live in USJ and normally have our breakfast at Tanjung Mamak Bistro at USJ 9. Having breakfast at a mamak will normally mean roti canai, thosai or nasi lemak. These are the standard meals always being ordered and the taste could never go wrong.

We ordered nasi lemak telur goreng for both and milo ice plus nescafe ais respectively. Our drinks came in a smug looking mugs with Tanjung Mamak Bistro written on it. Then came the nasi lemak, looked ok but tastes......

How could anyone go wrong with nasi lemak. It is one of the dishes that taste almost similar to any other mamak.

I have attached my half eaten meal coz I didn't think I'd be posting about it, sooner. The presentation was ok but the taste...there isn't any taste. The sambal was flat, just flat, it wasn't spicy or sweet. It was nothing.

The rice had too much santan and strangely the rice was grey in colour. How could that happen? They used the cheapest ikan bilis in the market, it wasn't fried properly as it was soft and not crunchy. It was extremely salty. Maybe that's why the sambal and rice had no taste. Coz, when you mix everything and eat them all together, everything has salt in it. Well, thank you to the saltiest ikan bilis ever.

The fried egg was so-so. My husband, he said "It's the world's worst nasi lemak I have ever tasted" hehehe...

Never order nasi lemak at Tanjung Mamak Bistro, USJ9. No challenge this time as my hubby knows my nasi lemak tastes better anytime. :P

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