Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Meal

Hehehe...I got too busy writing what happened over the weekend and totally forgot to write about what I cooked...

Well, we got home around 11pm and I straight away started cooking...hmm...before that I had to greet my hysterical kitchen helper, Sparkle the dog...hehehe...

I always enjoyed eating Wan Tan Mee but never tried cooking until last weekend. I didn't get the recipe from anywhere else but from my memory. Hehehe...yeah! When I was 16, we used to eat wan tan mee every weekend.

This wan tan mee uncle puts up his stall near my place only during the weekends. He serves the best wan tan mee that I ever tasted, not sure of any hidden ingredient that he may have used though.

Oh well! I used to watch him cook while I wait for my mee to go to be ready. I don't just watch instead I managed to squeeze the recipe out of him and I forgot about it until last Sunday when I was out grocery shopping with my hubby.

When I walked past the raw wan tan mee at the supermarket, it all came back to me. The recipe was fresh in my mind.

When I got home I had to do everything from scratch, I don't really like to buy the minced meat from the store, as they mince the skin and fat together with the meat. Mostly fat and skin actually. So, I usually buy breast meat and mince the meat myself. Yeah! I used chicken, don't really know how to buy pork.

Anyways, the fried wan tan recipe is all mine. The wan tan mee Uncle only gave me the recipe for dry wan tan mee.

Fried Wan Tan Recipe

Wan Tan skins
Minced Meat
Lea & Perrins Sauce
Parsley - finely cut

Mix all the ingredients and stuff them in the wan tan skin and fry them...voila fried wan tan is ready!!

Wan Tan Mee Recipe

Oyster Sauce
Light Soya Sauce
Dark Soya Sauce
Wan Tan Mee

Mix all the sauces and pepper. Boil water and cook the vegetable and wan tan mee al dante. Mix the mee with the sauces and gently cut the vegetable and arrange them beautifully on the mee.

Fried Chicken Meat Recipe (didn't have char siew so improvised)

Marinate breast meat with
Lea & Perrins Sauce

Coat the whole breast meat with bread crumps and pan fry it. Once done cut in thin strips and arrange gently on the mee.

Your meal is ready to eat and all done within an hour.

Sorry no photo...I got too hungry to even remember to take photos...

My hubby loved it and he requested for second round!! Meal served in an hour, don't you just love to cook!!?

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