Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Special

Long weekend came and left...*big sigh*'s back to work tomorrow...*bigger sigh*....guess what?! We went to many places over the weekend nothing exciting or special just that I get to go out over the weekend was a big thing for me. I don't really get out much during the weekend.

We had lunch outside but dinner, I insisted to myself that I'll be cooking. We went to Lowyat plaza, having to escape the crowd at Thaipusam brought me to the similar crowd in lowyat plaza. A guy with a baby stroller just ran over my foot and when i screamed in pain he gave me look like "why are you in my way" I was thinking a simple sorry will do no need to stare at me that way, it was as though I purposely put my foot under his stroller wheels.

Anyways, after that we stopped by Midvalley for shopping for our dear pets. I had to get more wood shavings for Nico the iguana and some treats for Sparkle the dog....hehehe....Then we were off to Hartamas shopping mall for some crowd free grocery shopping.

I completed my grocery shopping and it was about 8.30pm just as we were about to leave, I remembered that I needed to get a new phone for my mom and we went scouting for good cheap phones. Went to the same stall we bought a cheap good phone before, it looked open but no one was there. Thinking that the sales guy must have gone to toilet and so we waited.

It was almost to 10 to 9pm, he can't be stuck in the toilet too long. It's either he is taking a very long crap or probably died in there. I found a handphone number on one of their flyers, hoping it belongs to that sales guy, rang the number and got the boss. He told us to wait another 10 minutes and his sales guy will arrive with stocks.

We waited till 9.10pm, called him again and again he asked to wait another 10 minutes. My last final call I told my hubby, he gave us another 10 minutes. My hubby was getting rather impatient told me that in 10 minutes if no one comes we are leaving.

10 minutes was up, and I begged for another 5 minutes. Finally, the sales guy arrived. Boy am I glad to see him. Got what we wanted and we got further delayed coz my dear hubby was intrigued with a nokia phone. The very brand that he once sworn never to use. I used to use a nokia phone and he made me change to motorola then now we got a nokia phone for him.

Just before leaving the mall, my hubby asked me again if I'm cooking. I said yes I am with lotsa excitement.

Guess what time we reached home? 11pm.

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