Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Journey Home

The minute the clock turned 5pm, I was ever ready to go grocery shopping to win my challenge with my husband. Sharp 6pm, I left the office to the supermarket. I needed to buy some extra ingredients that I didn’t have at home.

I got what I need and the time was 7pm…ya I took an hour to do my shopping that includes walking, getting what I need and don’t need, walking to the parking and finally leaving home.

The usual way that I take home was horrifically jammed up, had to take a different unknown route. I knew there should be a link somewhere that leads to where I live, heading towards that area I missed a turn…damn!

Never mind, I shall use my trustee GPS that came with my phone. My trustee GPS wasn't so trustee, it kept asking me to take a U-Turn…as stubborn as I am, thinking I could outsmart the dumbass GPS, I went on straight instead. I saw the signboard leading to Federal Highway, that’s fantastic…with a big grin I smartly headed that way only to realize that it was horrible that way too…sigh…so much for not taking the usual way…so much for outsmarting the traffic…sigh…

The lousy dumbass GPS can’t even find any other way instead kept asking me to make a U-Turn…I know another way through Federal Highway so I headed that way home. Only after I took the turn at Hilton did the GPS link me correctly to the way I was heading. Just imagine if it was someone who doesn't know the alternative way would be going in circles. That was the longest route home, traffice was horrible all the way home.

My stomach was growling and my bladder was full...where is home? I felt like I was dying...yeah I'm a bit like a drama queen. I finally reached home at 8.30pm…it took me 1.5hours to reach home…I could have gone to Ipoh for dinner instead…sheesh!! Curse on whatever that caused the jam everywhere last night.

My hubby was home already, waiting for me, he just asked me to heat up the leftovers and cook some rice. I said “What about the Chicken Chop”, “You just got back and you must tired” he sympathized…I agree I am tired but no way am I giving up on my challenge. Any other day, I can let him go without food even if I have to but no today. I’m cooking!!

Before I could do anything else, I had to greet my ecstatic dog that was so excited to see me home. She's like that even if I were to step outside just for a minute, she'll greet me with so much of excitement like there's no tomorrow.

Once she settled, I ran to the toilet and relieved myself....that felt good. I was in so much of pain due to the full bladder...

1st note to self always pee before leaving any place, even if u don't need to pee just visit that god damn toilet.
2nd note to self don't bother taking new routes especially when it's horrifically jammed everywhere or when you have a challenge to complete
3rd note to self GPS is lousy just learn the roads
4th note to self never accept a challenge on a weekday even if you do...just say you'll complete it on a weekend...


  1. u r great superwoman!cant wait to c ur chicken how come din bring over some?hee :p

  2. hubby finished everything...hehehe