Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dinner on Valentines Day

I'm sure you'd be wondering happened to lunch, after eating world's worst nasi lemak ever, we weren't hungry for lunch at all.

We grabbed some snacks, played Alone in the Dark on our PS3 and soon it was dinner time. About 4pm I asked my husband if we are going out for dinner or eating at home. Coz, if it's the latter then I will need time to thaw the meat. I haven't a clue of what to cook for the romantic night.

For us it's the same every other night, something to look forward to for dinner. So, it isn't any different for last night but shockingly my hubby said he'd cook for me. Aww, that's so romantic. He has done that maybe about 6 years ago when he wanted to impress me during our courtship.

This is awesome. When I asked what he was going to cook, he didn't have a clue and I know that feeling as I have the same dilemma every night when I had to cook. Then he said, "Butter chicken, I want to eat butter chicken. But I bet you don't have the ingredients for it, don't you"

"No, I have all the ingredients except yoghurt and coriander leaves." I said with a smug on my face. My coriander plant that I planted died, so there goes fresh coriander when I need them.

I quickly went and thawed the chicken. Well of course, he wasn't able to cook all alone. I was his kitchen helper and supervisor at the same time.

"Ok, what should I do first?", he asked "the chicken is thawed, perhaps you could clean and cut the chicken," I suggested "Yuck, no way, you cut the chicken. Give me something else to do" he grossed out. Then I said, "You could cut the onions, ginger and garlic". "Never mind, I'll clean and cut the chicken, you cut the onions, I don't want to cry like you", he said.

While he was cleaning and cutting the chicken, I had to cry cutting the onions. He also had to entertain the other kitchen helper who was going histerical with the chicken smell.

"What does she wants, why is she like scolding me?" He asked, "The smell of chicken is killing her, I have some raw meat for her, you could heat it up for her to eat. Then she'll leave you a lone", I took and gave him her raw meat.

I usually keep raw meat for her in the fridge, he did what I did for her. He took the meat and let it heat in the microwave while he continued cleaning and cutting the chicken. When the microwave done with her meal, she reminded him of feeding her and he did.

Once her stomach was full, she left us alone to our work.

He then marinated the chicken with salt and coarse black pepper. While the chicken is being marinated, he started to make the sauce.

25grams of butter was melted then the onions was sacrificed followed by the minced garlic and ginger. Then he added cinnamon powder, chilli powder. While that was simmering, I started the other stove to sautee the chicken.

I had to give it to him, he was juggling between the stoves like a pro and constantly asking me what to do next. He then added tomato puree and a cup of water. Letting it simmer, while he was sauteeing the chicken.

To replace the yoghurt, I had him pour milk instead. Since, he used tomato puree the dish will have it's natural sour taste. So, that's a balance for not having yoghurt. The sauce needs to thicken before adding the chicken and the chicken was ready, he added the chicken in the sauce.

He had to leave to simmer, I replace the sautee pan with a flat pan to heat up the ready made tortillas that I had. Again, he was juggling between 2 stoves.

The meal was ready, simple yet full of love. Being the kitchen helper, I helped him serve his meal to our guests. That's us, him and I....hehehe...

Our valentines meal prepared by my hubby, a day to remember and cherish by. My best valentines ever, it beats all the gifts, flowers and fancy restaurant. Having to eat a meal cooked by my hubby is the best gift ever.

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