Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've been missing...

Ah...to the very little fans that I have. You have notice me gone missing, I've been busy. My company's having an Annual Dinner this Saturday, and I'm busy making a dinner dress for myself.

The theme is Viva Las Vegas, it's all about gambling and cabaret dancers...nah I'm just exaggerating.

My dress is all sequined black with gold lining. I even bought myself feathers, can't wait to be the Goddess of Gamblers this Sat. One of the event is also the best dressed and the price was RM200 last year not really sure about this year though. I'm not really aiming for that but if I do get it, it'll definitely help me with the amount that I spent on the dress.

Wondering why I'm making my own dress instead of purchasing it. Well I get to choose my own material, colour combination, fits perfectly and design it the way I want it.

How much did you think I spent?

Sequined Material RM 49 per meter (I used 1 1/2 meter) RM73.50
Gold Satin Material RM 9 per meter (I used 2 meters) RM18.00
Gold Lining Material RM3.80 per meter (I used 2 meters) RM7.60
Hidden Zipper RM2.00
Black Thread RM0.40
Gold Thread RM0.40
Sewing Bone RM2.00
Feathers RM20.00

Total I spent on the dress is about RM123.90 well of course I do not know how much I spent on electricity and time making the dress. I'm gonna take a walk in the mall and look for a dress with similar material to check the price. Last I checked was about RM350 but that was different material it wasn't sequined.

The feeling of wearing a dress made by myself is priceless.

The dress isn't completed yet though I still have about 40% to complete and the dinner is this Saturday.


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  1. Pls post it up once done! OR
    call me n i will come over to kepoh!hee