Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Challenge!

My pet iguana needs more wood shaving, having to work in a mall it never crossed my mind that I could purchase it from the pet store of the mall. Instead, I went to Subang Parade, not that I live nearby it or anything like that. It’s so happened that we were in the neighbourhood and remembered that Subang Parade had, <-- you see that “HAD” Pet’s Wonderland. Well what do you know, not only that they closed their business in One Utama they are also closed in Subang Parade. Oh well, just to make our trip and parking fee worthwhile we decided to dine there.

It has been awhile since we last dined out, we weren’t sure of where to eat. We headed to the mall directory. Hmm….”Let’s eat at Eden.” My hubby suggested, unfortunately they have closed down too…business everywhere seems bad isn’t it.

We finally narrowed it down to Dave’s Deli. Looking at the menu I was contemplating between Chicken Snitzel or the ¼ Roasted. Knowing that the Snitzel will take awhile, I settled for ¼ Roasted. Just my luck, they don’t have any at that moment and I will have to wait so I decided to take what my hubby was having. Chicken Chop!

Huge mistake, not only that presentation looked like garbage it tasted like one too. The tomato sauce that supposed to be tasty was actually a cheap ass high starchy severely diluted salted sauce just thrown over the chicken. The chicken was over bartered and over fried as the meat was rather tough. The raw tomato was simply chopped and thrown over the chicken like rubbish and not forgetting the low-grade peas. The 15 pieces of fries probably was fried together with the chicken as it was also over fried.

How difficult is it to fry fries? Or the Chicken? Or to make that bloody sauce? Or to create a more appetizing meal? The meal wasn’t cheap for that cheap looking meal. They charged us RM14.50 before tax and they served us crap. No wonder Restaurants are closing down due to their cheap ass meals. Even a roadside stall serves better meals, just blanco the fact that they may be located next to the biggest drain in KL.

Watching me complaining over my meal, my hubby challenged me to prepare the same tomato based Chicken Chop at home. When it comes to cooking, I don’t say NO! I took the challenge and I can bet you, my Chicken Chop will taste better than Dave’s Deli anytime!!

Meals need to be prepared with love, you have to love what you are doing and automatically the results will be superb! I can see why the Chicken Chop was like garbage coz the person preparing it may have felt she/he is working in a crappy place. There’s something restaurant owners should adhere, they should make sure their waitresses, chefs, cashiers, bus boys and every single employee of theirs is well trained to enjoy their work. When they are made to feel like a maid that’s when the performance drops and in restaurants business you can’t afford to have bad performance coz it shows in the food they prepare and serve thus leading to closing down of business.

Well, I’m all geared up for tonight’s big meal and I have 8 hours to burn at work!! I’m so excited!!

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  1. hey weirdo.. dun la all the time also must be challenged! hahahhaa