Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Cooking!

Finally, I get to cook my meal. It was a good thing I bought boneless chicken even though I already have some in the freezer. At least I don’t have to waste time on defrosting.

First things first, I have to marinate the chicken. I quickly heated up some water in the rice pot for the potatoes. Yup! I use the rice pot for more than just cooking rice. I find that when you need to boil food, rice cooker is still the best.

I hurried along to clean the chicken, as the time now is 8.45pm. Marinated the chicken with Worcestershire sauce, pepper and meat tenderizer. Many might say you needn’t use meat tenderizer for chicken well that saves time from bashing the dead chicken meat to tender it.

While that’s marinating, I started with my coleslaw, something simple just took some mix vege with some mayonnaise and store it in the fridge to cool. Now for the sauce, cut one onion; heat up a little oil in the skillet. Throw in the onion and let it simmer. Add in Tomato Soup, yes! I didn’t use tomato ketchup instead tomato soup, it tastes much better and isn’t as sour as tomato puree. Simmer the sauce and add basil, marjoram, oregano, crushed fennel seeds and paprika all to taste. The more herbs the better.

While the sauce is simmering, I cleaned 2 russet potatoes, cubed them and threw them in the rice pot. Checked on my sauce, stir a little, taste it…hmm…needs more herbs. When everything’s in and taste is good, sauce is done.

Now for the chicken, heat up the pan….yup! I use the pan to fry my chicken so that it’ll be pan fried with less oil and not deep-fried. I floured the chicken and it’s ready to go into the oil for some pan-frying.

While all this is happening my trustee kitchen helper was getting restless…it’s my dog, she ensures my kitchen floors are squeaky clean. Anything that drops, she’s the super mop and I make sure I don’t drop anything that she shouldn’t eat. She loves the smell of raw meat, I usually feed her some plain cooked meat to satisfy her hunger in the kitchen.

The time is 9.15pm; my hubby came for a visit, meaning he came to steal some food that can be eaten and isn’t raw. By then I have already drained the potatoes and started mashing it. To his delight I handed over that task to him and gave the ingredients that needs to be added with the potatoes. While he’s doing this I was busy frying the chicken, once he’s done I gave him the honour of preparing the garlic bread. I had some French loaf and bought garlic spread at the supermarket.

I completed everything with my 2 helpers right at 9.30pm. And the meal was served.


  1. well.. you've told us how to do it.. now how does it taste?!

  2. I won the bet, my hubby loves my dish compared to Dave's Deli. It was not only prepared with love but prepared generously and I think I can sell my chicken chop for the same price and I'll draw in more customers than Dave's Deli anytime...hahaha