Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Recipe!

Now that you have read how to prepare the dish and I know you'd be wondering how it tasted. Well obviously it taste better than Dave's Deli's cheapo chicken chop. I would say I'd charge the same to my customers and they wouldn't mind paying the price for a good meal.

Here's the recipe....

It’ll be good if you could marinate the chicken the night before, as it’ll make the chicken taste so much better but if you are in a rush like how I was then go crazy and marinate just minutes before cooking it.

Since, I go on estimation basis it’s a bit hard for me to determine how much of the ingredients I used on the meals I prepare. Once you have learned the taste of each ingredient you’d know how generous or stingy you should be when using these ingredients.

2 – 3 Boneless Skinless Breast Pieces --> reason I use breast piece instead of the traditional drumstick is because the breast piece do not contain that much fat as compared to the drumstick piece
Lea & Perins Worcestershire Sauce – I just simply love the smell of the sauce
Meat Tenderizer or Salt (Meat tenderizer already contains salt)

Bread Crumbs for the crunchy taste
Corn Flour for the normal taste
The Kentucky Flour for different taste
Oil enough to pan fry

Just make sure don’t throw in extremely wet chicken on the flour then you’ll have too much flour on it.

1 can Tomato Soup of any brand – I like my chicken very saucy so I used one can for 2 persons, besides my husband eats for 2 so technically I’m cooking for 3.
1 Onion
– how spicy you want it, it’s up to you
Fennel Seeds
– crushed not powdered (sounds like shaken not stirred…hehehe)
No Salt required

If you have read my posting yesterday then you’ll know how to cook the dish. Just serve main with coleslaw or salad and French fries or mashed potatoes as side dish. I used mashed potatoes coz I don’t want to eat too many fried stuff, since the chicken is already fried why should I fry the potato….la la la la la

There you have it Chicken Chop – Hmm…why do they call it Chicken Chop the chicken isn’t even chopped. Traditionally people use the mallet to bash the chicken to tenderize it. Shouldn’t they call it Bashed Chicken with Tomato juice? *shrugs* just a thought.

I don’t think you need the recipe for mashed potato and coleslaw do you?


  1. you give your secret out then how to make a food stall to sell this ?

  2. good point there anyways sharing is caring. =)